Security Council

Civil war in Yemen – should the international committee intervene?

Being in the shadow of Syrian Civil War, the civil war in Yemen is often forgotten, even though it has taken over 15,000 of lives and caused over 3,000,000 people to be displaced. This conflict heavily struck southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and is going on since 2015. The Shia-led Houthi minority has been opposing Yemeni government since 2004. The dispute escalated when Houthis boycotted single-candidate presidential elections in 2012. In Januray 2015, the Houthis decided to begin military insurgency and their overtook Yemeni capital, Sana. Countinuous clashes have been happening ever since. Their scale increased when foreign patrons of both sides intervened: Iran supporting rebels and USA & Saudi Arabia supporting the government. Is there a possibiliy for the UN to intervene and stop this conflict?


Photographer: Magda Matejka

Chair of Security Council: Mariusz Rusiński
Deputy Chair of Security Council: Jonathan Garack

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